McRae Family Reunion

The 58th

McRae Family Reunion

Charlotte, NC

June 21-23, 2023

"McRae: The Name's Irish the Root's African"

Our Love Story

The following information was provided by the 40th year Family Reunion Program:

The McRae Generations

From the humble beginnings of slavery, it can be said that the McRae Family is constantly striving ever forward. We can look back with pride on our fore-parents and face the future with great expectations.

The First Generation of the McRae legacy starts with Will and Harriet Alford. Will was sold as a slave to a McRae Family in Marlboro County, South Carolina. He married Harriet Alford. To this union five children were born, Dan, Emma, Cissel, Coot, and James Harry.  There is some knowledge of the children born to Will and Harriet, but knowing that they are part of our legacy is all that counts.  We salute all of them because without them our legacy ceases.  The youngest son born to Will and Harriet McRae was James Harry (Jim) McRae.  

The Second Generation of the McRae legacy continues with Jim McRae. From a previous relationship, Jim McRae fathered one son, Howard.  He later married Carrie Singletary.  To this union six children were born, John Will, James Grady, Emma Mae, Donella, Margaret, and Carrie Bell. After the death of Carrie in  1924, Jim remarried.  He married Texanna Drake.  To this union five children were born, Sallie Mae, Clinton, Blanche, Texianner, and Beatrice.  In 1929 Jim relocated the family from Marlboro County, South Carolina to Hoke County, North Carolina.  They lived in the Mill Prong House which is now a Historic Site in Hoke County, NC. Our legacy continues.

The addition to the McRae legacy by the Third Generation was the step into the 20th Century and with this step was movement. During this time the McRae’s spread across the United States obtaining many skills which are the anchors for this legacy for a long time to come.  The resting places for this moving generation were New York, Nebraska, Missouri, and as always North Carolina. This generation had members with skills such as ministers, factories, hospitals, culinary workers, farmers, and the military.  This was only the beginning. 

The future of the generations of the McRae’s is earnestly moving forward.  The educational, occupational, and spiritual levels are constantly rising higher and higher with each new generation.  The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Generations can count among them doctors, medical and educational professionals, technologists, business owners and workers, ministers, deacons, laymen, and missionary workers.  BUT the foundation has always been and will always be Jesus at the Center!

57th McRae Family Reunion

Nashville, TN

June 16-18, 2023


6-9 pm

Check-in / Dinner / Family Game Night


7:00 am-9:00 am
Continental Breakfast

9:30 am to 12:30 pm

See the City: Bus Tour + Tour of The Ryman Auditorium

1:00 pm -2:00 pm


2:00 pm-6:00 pm

Free Time

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm



7:00 am-9:00 am
Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

11:00 AM
Check Out

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Hotel Information

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Nashville North Skyline

3451 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, TN, 37207

57th McRae Family Reunion

Nashville, TN

June 16-18, 2023

Our Family Tree

Howard & Annie McRae

Ervin, Leroy, Hubert, Ollie, Willie, and Annie Lee

John Will and Lee Anner McRae

John, Anner, James Lee, Emma, Ella, Leroy, Jerry

James Grady and Easter McRae

James, Willie, Samuel, Sarah, Frank, Grady, Arlington, Lloyd, Alberta, Carrie, Glenda, Patricia

Emma Mae and Weldon Norwood

Mabel and Lillian

Donella and Boyd Kershaw

Leon, Johnny, Louise, William Clifton, Gladys, Nathaniel, James, William Howard, John, Deborah, Lillian, Leverne

Margaret and Cliff McDuffie


Carrie Bell and James Robinson

James, Deborah, Cathy, Cynane

Sallie Mae and Charles Sims

Gloria, Marcus Charles, Steven, Jessica, Michael, Karen, Carol Ann, Kim, Kevin

Clinton McRae

No Children

Blanche and Nathaniel Purcell


Texianner McRae

No Children

Beatrice and Earl Moll

Cynthia, Princess, Jackie, Billie, Tony, Annette, Tina

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McRAe Family Reunion Song

(Tune-Beautiful Dreamer)

Beautiful Savior, we stand today
Asking your blessing upon us we pray.
You have been with us from year to year,
Beautiful Savior your grace brought us here.
57 years of loving each other,
Meeting and sharing in Jesus Name.
Beautiful Savior praises to thee,
Lord Keep our family in sweet unity.
Keep the McRae's Lord, in sweet unity.

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